7 Covered Patio Additions To Complete Your Backyard Retreat

Some Add-On’s To Consider

The best time to install an additional feature is during the construction of the patio.  It could be costly and difficult or impossible to add something later when the design is set.

Install climate control features: heaters, fans, misters

Installing fans, misters or a heater in your patio can make using your outdoor space bearable year long. Many homeowners admit to not taking full advantage of their homes outdoor space because it is either too hot or cold outside. By adding these features you can sit outside in comfort year round.

In the Houston area the heat, humidity and mosquitos are often the culprits. A covered patio with a fan, and mosquito repelling misting system can solve many of those local problems. During those short winter months, a compact heater or low maintenance fire pit can keep you warm while enjoying the outdoors. Ask Texas Patio Pros about Houston climate appropriate options for any of these climate control features.

Install a TV & Sound System

Having a TV outside with a good sound system can round out your covered patio making it a true extension to your home. The entire family can enjoy outdoor activities together. The adults have their entertainment center on the patio where they can watch the kids and everyone can enjoy being in the same space.

When you want to host a special event at your home you will have more possibilities to enjoy. Watch the football game with your buddies, host an anniversary dinner and show family pictures and movies right there where everyone is gathered, be your own DJ and dance the night away with friends.

Install Lighting

Lighting adds atmosphere and security. Pick the right kind of outdoor lighting and you will have enhanced the look of your patio and added to the value of your home. There are so many options in outdoor lighting these days. Pick a look that goes with the exterior of your home – one that blends in seamlessly with the design. Whether you pick recessed lighting, traditional sconces, festive string lighting or even a chandelier, consult with Texas Patio Pros for options appropriate to your structure.

Add a Fireplace or Fire Pit

Want to add a more luxurious heating option? Fireplaces are becoming commonplace in covered patio designs throughout the country. They not only add to the beauty of your patio but give it that home feel that makes spending an evening after dinner outside on the patio an almost irresistible idea.

Fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes so customizing one to the size of your patio is never a problem. We can work with you to find the right one. Ask about low maintenance options.

Add a Fully Functioning Outdoor Kitchen

This is a no brainer for many people who love to entertain. Having an outdoor kitchen under the patio where you can cook regardless of the weather is almost a necessity. The options are endless. Build a counter area for seating to the side of the outdoor kitchen so you can chat with your guests while you prepare drinks. Have an area for your gas grill and another for the charcoal grill so you can work them side by side. Install a refrigerator for ice cold beverages any time without having to head inside. Install a sink for convenience and to round out your cooking area. You will never regret having installed a working kitchen on the patio. We love sitting down to talk about all the possibilities with our clients.

Pick Out Patio Furniture with Character

In order to make the patio a true extension of your home you have to consider what type of outdoor furniture you want to purchase. There are many options and you are sure to find one that is in your budget.

You want to make sure you are picking the right material for the climate. In Houston, mildew and moisture are a problem. Outdoor furniture should be kept under the patio where it is less likely to suffer exposure from the sun and rain. Pick furniture that is non-rusting or made of durable materials. Stay away from rattan or other moisture trapping materials. There are composite options that have that rattan or wicker look while maintaining their durability.

Add Some Outdoor Decor

Add a layer of color to your outdoor space and make it special. There are Pinterest boards full of outdoor decor options or make a look that is truly unique by creating a vision board complete with color swatches and magazine cut outs.

Think about adding colorful pillows, lanterns, string lights, potted plants, and even curtains! The possibilities are endless but make sure to stick to a color/theme pattern that goes with the rest of your home.

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