9 Ways To Spruce Up Your Patio For The Summer

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Does looking at that mess outside make you stress out? Giving your patio a facelift will not only keep your home in tip-top shape, it will improve your mood, give you back your retreat and make you feel good about your home again.  If your patio needs more than you can provide, call Texas Patio Pros.

Give The Patio A Good Scrubbing

Put the patio on your Spring/Summer cleaning list and give it a good scrubbing. Start by clearing out all the clutter. Get rid of furniture and decor that is on its last legs or doesn’t match your design scheme. Or try to restore it. You can go a long way with a can of durable outdoor spray paint. Remember to use heavy duty plastic drop cloths to protect any flooring. Or maybe what your patio furniture needs is a good scrubbing to get back its original shine. Choose a natural, strong and safe cleaner like Simple Green.

Next clear out the patio itself and scrub it down. A good power washing may even be necessary to clean stains from the concrete.

Do A Thorough Paint Touch Up & Repairs

Even the most durable outdoor paint starts to loose its luster. Give the patio a good paint touch up. This will also help remove any tiny hand prints. Take this time to also check for and perform repairs to lighting, fans, electrical plugs, call the chimney sweep if you have an outdoor chimney, clean the grill, etc. In the case your patio needs more than just a little love, Texas Patio Pros can take a look with you and come up with some patio restoration options that can fit your budget.

Add Some Flower Pots

Get some colorful flower pots to add a natural lift to the patio. Buy large, colorful pots. Add the right container soil for your plants and choose low maintenance flowers that require little fertilization and maintenance.

When planting in containers use the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” rule of container gardening. You can find many container garden ideas on Pinterest.

Add A Rug

Find an outdoor rug that compliments your outdoor furniture and decor. It adds that comfortable, home feel to any outdoor space making your covered patio truly an extension of your home.

Create A Special Seating Area

Add a table and chairs for a sweet dining area. Think Paris bistro. Add all the layers. Chair cushions, a vase or lantern in the center of the table. Get out your colorful outdoor dining set and cloth napkins for an outdoor Sunday brunch, just for the fun of it.

Or add a comfy outdoor couch to laze the day away. Add small end tables to prop up your favorite book and a drink. Buy some matching ottomans to put your feet up. Have one of your kids fan you with an oversized feather.  It’s all about ambiance.

Add Outdoor Curtains

Curtains, when done right, are the ultimate patio decor feature. Choose a light and durable fabric – with a preferably solid color. Stay away from patterns as they can clash with your current decor and are hard to match with. Also choose the right outdoor materials – hardware as well as types of fabric.

Choose hardware that will make taking the curtains down for a wash easy. Such as potato sack or looped curtains which can be taken down easily. Remember that these will be catching some sun and rain so some fading and maintenance is necessary. But the look and feel is irresistibly beautiful.

Add Some Cheerfully Colorful Pillows

Look at your current design theme and pick out some outdoor pillows that pop. Not only will they look great and punch up the patio decor but they will add extra comfort and a lived in feel.

Upgrade The Lighting

Not enough can be said about lighting. Lighting can make or break a covered patio. There are so many options. Choose from outdoor lighting options and make sure to consult with a professional.

Texas Patio Pros can help you restore your patio lighting by helping you choose the right type of lighting. From recessed lights, sconces, and even chandeliers. Choose the color of lighting hardware by basing it on what you currently have inside – for example, if you have brushed nickel colored lighting fixtures inside choose the same for outdoors. That way your patio matches your home.

Add Patio Edging

This is a special little add on that will require a professional but gives your property a little more value. Add a defined separation between your patio and the grass and planted areas. You can go a step further and give it a “terraced” look should you have a high enough patio area.

It’s important if you have small children to avoid any trip hazards around the patio and make patio edging flush with the current patio. This would be a good time to add built in features to the patio like concrete benches.

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